CBD Prime Mouth Spray – 300mg

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CBD Prime Mouth Spray – 300mg, Chocolate Mint

CBD is absolutely NON-psychoactive, so there is no worry about your head feeling any effects.

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  • 300 mg CBD per Bottle
  • 10 mg CBD /ml
  • 30ml Mist Spray Bottle
  • Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • CBD Prime’s High Purity Complex Sprays are designed to deliver a standardized amount of CBD with each spray.
  • CBD is absolutely NON-psychoactive, so there is no worry about your head feeling any effects.
  • CBD Prime Sprays are from ‘whole plant’ extracts, meaning there is a variety of active cannabinoid compounds in the blend, which makes CBD Prime the most effective natural product available.
  • This is a serious medicinal health product from a true CBD manufacturer.
  • TYPICAL USE: Pump 3 sprays (~0.5ml) under the tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds (for 5mg CBD), then swallow if needed. Avoid rinsing or eating for 3-4 minutes.
  • CBD Prime Sprays are 10 (mg) CBD per milliliters (ml). Typical daily intake is about 0.5ml to 2.0ml per day, for 5mg to 20mg CBD per day, respectively. However, intake may be much greater depending on body size, health issue, and desired effect.
  • We cannot recommend a dosage, but do advise consulting with a health care provider before taking CBD, but know they may have to do some research of their own.
  • Shake lightly before using, and store in a cool, dry place.
  • We recommend refrigerating the bottle is open longer than 1 month, but CBD is a natural preservative. CBD Prime Sprays are best when taken within 1 year of purchase.
  • There is a great deal of new medical research on the health effects of CBD available online, and we encourage everyone to research the potential uses of CBD. We are very aware of the hype and unfounded claims of many CBD marketers, so we ask you to use your best judgement. Links to CBD research, various private and public studies and other reference information can be provided by email request.
  • CBD Prime Sprays are made from the highest purity, medical-grade CBD available. The high quality ingredients, certified GMP manufacturing standards, and rigorous lab testing are all part of our solemn promise, but taste also matters! There is no better tasting oral CBD, than CBD Prime.
  • All of our CBD has been processed within the US using clean, proprietary CO2 extraction and refinement techniques, which make a difference in the quality of our CBD Drops. We will always use organic and natural ingredients where possible, including flavorings and preservatives.

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